professional coffee bar and the daily baked delicacies of Master Pastry Chefs, a combination that has remained unchanged for more than a century.

Synonymous with quality and tradition

The coffee bar of the Caffè Concerto Paszkowski is distinguished by its very intimate and welcoming atmosphere making it, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most famous and popular spots in the city of Florence.

The café’s tearoom, which is one of the largest in the city, features the original decor. The fresco by Carlo Capanni in the background gives a sense of depth to the space which is furnished with many decorative pieces that have embellished the room for more than a century.

The Paszkowski Coffee Bar is renowned for its espresso coffee, which is made according to the finest Italian tradition, and a wide selection of expertly-prepared drinks, which are a perfect accompaniment to the daily baked delicacies prepared by our Master Pastry Chefs.  

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The most sophisticated and popular cocktails all in one place

The Caffè Concerto Paszkowski, which features an elegant historical dining room and a large outdoor terrace with sofa chairs and a panoramic view of Piazza della Repubblica, is certainly the ideal place to enjoy cocktails and drinks.

Courtesy, professionalism, and great dedication are just a few of the qualities of our professional bar servers and bartenders who will be pleased to help you choose from our wide and extensive selection of cocktails.

We also offer a delicious and delightful array of appetizers to accompany your drinks.